Assembly's achievements and its news  in 2012

At the Level of the Association

  1. Enhancing the program in terms of identifying a subject for the month during which the preparation and coordination between all animators, to deepen within its details in terms of awareness workshops, field visits, foreign interventions, and application in everyday life
  2. Cooperation with the foundation “Nassar” to secure for the residents courses sessions in coordinating and decorating vegetables and flowers
  3. Courses in literacy, in English language
  4. Participation in the activity organized by the center “Al Younbouh” (fountain) for mental disability “Khoutwe Btersoum Basme” (a step will draw a smile)
  5. Organizing center's library.
  6. Special directives for mothers
  7. Personal development workshops.
  8. Spiritual evenings
  9. Femininity, fitness and beauty
  10. The art of cooking
  11. Sport
  12. Entertainment program - cultural - tourist: once a month trips outside the center - Cinema - plays
  13. Productivity workshops: Mortar - Perforate – Candles for Palm Sunday - Barshan
  14. Post of schools and some youth movements in entertainment activities within the center
  15. Celebrating of all occasions by organizing festive evenings.

At the Level of Maryam And Martha Association

  1. Team Expansion to include new people with efficiency and specialization
  2. Staffs retreat with the objective to assess the past year and prepare a look forward to the Association for the coming year
  3. Staff Training every three month that addressed: La médiation institutionnelle entre la résidente et sa famille - management of collective life - spiritual courts law – Qualifying work dynamics - Programme Neurolinguistique – Interrelationships – Service spirituality and priesthood
  4. Staff retreat aimed at changes in the rules of internal procedures:
    The participation of a number of team members in various training courses: Improve the situation of female prisoners in Lebanon (organized by Women Democratic Gathering in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior) / Develop the capacity of people working with children in the fight against childhood sexual violence (the Ministry of Social Affairs) / Campaign promoting women's political participation (Women Democratic Gathering) / Promote the participation of women in development and local governance (and the Ministry of Social Affairs) / Campaign to remove all reservations about how to Eliminate all forms of discrimination against Women “Kafa” (Enough) / personality disorder / Schizophrenia / Sexual Awareness about transmitted diseases (SIDC) / How to listen (National Commission for the Pastoral Care of women in the Apostolic Council secular) / Le couple Libanias en crise / Les pathologies du couple / Communication and leadership (the National Commission for the Pastoral Care of women in the Apostolic Council secular)
  5. Participate in an international conference on women's rights in Denmark organized by KVINFO
  6. Participate in a conference: Arab shelters managers in Beirut organized by KVINFO
  7. Establishment of a fixed volunteers committee
  8. Modify the Association web site
  9. Receiving several visits spiritual and national
  10. Cooperation with international organizations and embassies: UNHCR - U.S. Embassy - German Embassy



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