Community of Maryam and Martha

From dream to realty ... Walk of love and partnership



The Starting

- Goals of Maryam and Martha Community.
- Cases accepted at Maryam and Martha.
- The follow up phases and the rehabilitation in the      center.
- Department of rehabilitation.
- Some of the social activities during 2012.
- Rehabilitation Movement from 2000 till 2012.
- Community participation in the conventions during  2012.


The Beginning

Due to 3 consecutive personal cases in 1998:

Violence by the husband
 Family sexual abuse
 Discharge from prison and rejection of the parents

Realty brings up challenge

There was not any organization in Lebanon to receive and help them, so they would go to:

- Run away in the streets
- Suicide
- Prostitution for living

What to do?
We tried personal and temporary help.
Then after, we could not have shelter a mother with her two beaten, and threatened kids by the father, in a covenant or any other institution.

That day We looked at the institutions that are directly involved in this subject.
- The Good Shepherd-Ain Saade-accepts the pregnant mother during the prenatal time and for short time only.  
- The Good Shepherd-Sheile-receives the 17 years old girls .
- The Hope House - Horch Tabet - receiving and listening center for prostitutes, for specific time of the day without night sleeping.
- Imm El Nour Congregation – Faytroun - rehabilitation of the drug addicts.
- Several women societies that listen, educate, claim for woman legal rights and create specialized sessions in each domain. 

Because we are in lots of needs, An idea has aroused, Establish private rehabilitation community for these social cases that no one is taking care of (Voluntarily receives and accompanies day and night)

Blessed is the initiative from the authority of the church.


The fundamental society stayed around one year :

- Study of realty
Establish the fundamental and inside regulations
Establish plan for the rehabilitation and receiving center
- Prayer

The legal status from the Ministry of Interior: November 26 1999


I-Goals of Maryam and Martha Community
-Create specialized centers that take care of lodging , rehabilitation and supporting each woman and girl (18-50),
when she has difficult family and social situations and she is completely left (morally and financially) and needs help.

2-Work on applying The Charter of Human Rights and all the    international agreements that concern the woman.

  3-Cooperating with all the social organizations, societies, communities ,family's associations and the dioceses to perceive about the importance of education.  

4-Support the woman by making her sure of herself morally, educationally and professionally so she can have back her dignity and rejoin the society and be a good citizen .



01/01/2000, Opening of the 1st Center, Chiah – Ain Remaneh Beirut

2003, Opening of the 2nd Center, Naccache - Antelias

The 3rd Center Keserwan, Lodging and Rehabilitation (50-70), Starting July-24-2009




II-Cases accepted at Maryam and Martha
 No difference between educational level or social and religious status.
Every girl or woman (15-80) is exposed to:

- Solitude and frustration due to different causes and circumstances (rejection, desperation…)
- House violence (hitting, continuous sex abuse…)
- Social violence (exploitation of her body, ignoring her rights…)
- Occasional prostitution (financial, social and stressful circumstances…)
- Homeless and jobless with big social rejection (ex-prisoners, no legal record…)
- Single mother (pregnant or left with her child)
- Vulnerable girl that becomes pervert due to bad education and profiting from her).


III-The following up phases and the rehabilitation in the center
- Redemption of peace , psycho and physical comfort.
2-The personal rehabilitation fellowship.
3-Gaining psychological, educational, professional and sociable basics.
4- Join in and a start of a new life.


1) Redemption of peace and comfort
- The psychological and physical comfort and beginning with a new vision into the meaning of life
The reciprocal acquaintance between the resident and the working team.
- Caring for urgent cases: medical, judicial…
- A cooperative plan to second phase (working on the self esteem and the therapeutic follow up.
(Duration time between one or two months).  
2)The rehabilitation follow upiscovering the personal talents and potentials. 
- Specifying the weakness and the personal obstruction (self reconciliation ).
- Working on herself to gain values and looking for successful  ways to confront the problems.
- The specified fellowship (psychology cure, academic fellowship…)
(No specific time – minimum of two months…)

 3) Gaining academic, professional and social basics
- Concentration on proceeding education and professional practice…
- Going through practicing sessions in and out of the center (professional institutes).
- During this time, the social and legal file will be studied deeply, to find ways of resolutions with the others (with parents or the husband), but always with the decision of a free woman. 
(Between three to twelve months )

4) Join in and a start of a new life
- Find a job and join the social life gradually in an independent, responsible and committed spirit. 
- Reading of life evolution and reactions in a permanent way with the specialists in the center, in order to have a better steady and successful steps.
(reconciliation with the law and society)





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