The start of welcoming newborns

The Rehabilitation Center of the Community "Maryam and Martha" cares about all the difficult social cases of abandoned girl and woman (single mothers, occasional prostitution, a woman abused and abandoned, ex- prisoners and homeless, no legal record ....)
The rehabilitation starts after multiple phases, during which the woman acquires the psychological, cultural and professional elements that help her cope with the difficulties with freedom and independence. Hence leading her to follow her life with greater confidence and capacity.
Throughout the five years of the start of the Community (2000-2004),   a large number of children accompanied by their mothers have been received and multiple births to single mothers have been achieved, as well as accommodating a number of newborns of unknown parents, left at the door of the Community, and then, directing them to various associations that are legally specialized.
Following the above tasks, the association applied to the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities to amend its statute, rules and procedures, specifically the phrase: "Caring for babies who accompany their mothers to the Center and the children born to single mothers, and to cooperate with legal authorities to conduct adoption procedures when necessary or seek the necessary legal documents to those children."(Article 1, Item 5 of the statute.)
After review of the competent authorities, the amendment was adopted, and approval was granted to the Community, for helping mothers who are accompanied by children not registered officially and children born to single mothers during their stay in the Center, in order to duly register their children in official departments. Also the Community was granted the right to accommodate newborns (abandoned), caring for them and registering them according to legal procedures in the specialized courts of personal status according to Lebanese Law.
As of May 17, 2006 the Community started embracing newborns of unknown parents, who are left at the entrance of the Community by unknown carrier.       After briefing and obtaining the approval of local authorities and Internal Security Forces and public prosecutors, they become registered according to the rules in the legal census office.

We thank God for the Interior Ministry who facilitates the care to these humanitarian situations, and we appreciate the desire of couples who voluntarily apply hundreds of applications to adopt those children and care about them as legitimate kids that deserve all the attention and love.
The average number of these newborns varies from year to year
The Community apologizes for not meeting all requests for adoption, but is carrying all those childless couples in its prayers and heart.
As the Community of "Maryam and Martha " believes that the first human right of those children is the right to life and to live in dignity and safety, and sees in them who are left homeless, the face of God,
He Who said:  "I was thirsty and you gave me a drink; I was hungry and you fed me; I was a stranger and you received me in your homes”, invites us to a partnership in the true human brotherhood and all what God has given us.
  The Community also believes, that the adoption is sacred deed, that adds to family value, the spirit of love and giving, that goes beyond the natural biological relation, to the extent of a free conscious decision for commitment, to embrace and care for a child as a natural born son, giving him full and legitimate rights.

  Blessed are those children who endure the harsh conditions. The Divine Providence watches over them directly and accompanies them through the journey of life.



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