My story and the story of others

My story is a two pages story of two parts I wrote the first section with my tears, and the second section with a shy smile
My story is a secret that I will announce to remove a concern that sentenced me with humiliation, pain and suffering...
I grew up in a family that did not know the meaning of fatherhood because of the absence of my father in prison in another country. At eight years old I received the good news: He is to come. So ideas started to spin and spin, finally I will get a father, like the rest of my friends. My mother was keen that his reception to be one of the most beautiful moments...
One night my father appeared with warm kisses and news. But dreams remain dreams, have I woke up the next day to the sound of a fight with my mother and conditions began to get worse and worse.
He was not the father which wished for!!! He was a criminal, tyrannical, and cruel...
He used to beat me and my brothers the worse beatings using every mean like bats, electrical wires, hoses, etc... And has nicknamed each beating to enjoy beating us: Chicken beating, Cross beating, gallows beating... However, he did not only stop at this but also he was hitting my mother and name here obscene words. His madness continued many years that until he raped me and threatened to kill me if I told anyone! Fear and distress has lived in our house for five years. He made my mother to spend on us alone and have we relieved himself from his responsibilities and enjoyed life, then traveled but stayed in touch with us. Mom suffered from hysterical disorder and no longer was able to sleep and when she learned about the rape she immediately filed a divorce case.
The first part of my story did not finish, my brother has taken the role of the father and started to treat us like him and kept in touch with him in order to destroy the family. My brother was literally carrying out his orders, He always carried a knife on his waist and toke over the job of beating us and keeping us from going out of the house, watching over our communications and dressing, on the grounds of decency and religion.
My mother's health worsened after he tried to kill me and if our relatives did not intervene I would be now in the grave. I agreed with my mother to escape and leave alone. My little brother remained with him and we refuge to the Association “Kafa” (enough) who sent us to the Assosiaction of Mariam and Martha.
We where admitted to the Association of Mariam and Martha, who received us with open-hands. Here the second part of my story began: they gave me everything I needed with no conditions or return, I followed the qualification program with the help of all the team members and all the residents. I passed all the stages and during my stay I was treated like a spoiled child cared about, loved by everyone and feared for its future.
We initiated a lawsuit against my brother to regain my little brother and now I am off alone full of confidence with my small family into the society...
I thank God for having placed me in the path of Maryam and Martha association who made me stronger to face the painful past and the difficult circumstances and depart again to build a future full of happiness and safety.



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