Training course on teamwork and stress management


What is a team?
Is a group of individuals gathered together, directed by one goal, And struggling for the same results, And the team is as a power station for potential energy, Because everyone offers a unique contribution, For this reason, we find in a good team that the whole is greater and more important than the one.

Qualities which should be available in the team members

  1. Knowledge and experience in the task entrusted to the individual
  2. The presence of self-motivation of the individual
  3. Collaborator
  4. Flexible
  5. Respectful of others
  6. Tolerant
  7. Love to help others


Problems facing the work of the team

  1. Lack of purpose clarity
  2. Building multiple teams within the team
  3. Lack of planning and organization and follow-up to the work of the team
  4. Low morale and enthusiasm
  5. Intense competition
  6. Aggression among Members
  7. Lack of trust between the team members
  8. Negativity among some members
  9. Intransigence among some members
  10. Withhold information during the team's work
  11. Tendency of some to individual goals
  12. Conflicts Intensification within the team


Team efficiency

  1. Degree of team cohesion
  2. Degree of team’s satisfaction of findings and results
  3. The team members sense of appropriate opportunities to express an opinion
  4. How effective are conflicts resolving methods
  5. The team's handling of its members and their relationships with each other
  6. Leverage degree of team available data and competencies of its members
  7. Efficiency of inter team members communication and the safety of other interaction patterns
  8. How good feelings and emotions are among team members
  9. Objectives clarity to team members
  10. Taking the appropriate decisions based on scientific grounds
  11. Follow the principle of openness and constructive confrontation
  12. To implement a permanent evaluation of the work of the team
  13. Planning implementation and organizing the work of the team
  14. Follow the basic rules of teamwork


Build team confidence
Confidence builds up in an environment will include four elements:

  1. Honesty: integrity, to stay away from lying, to get away from the hype
  2. Openness: a desire to share information, concepts and ideas and acceptance of other’s ideas
  3. Cohesion: Acts and Answers that can be expected
  4. Treating people with dignity and justice

Benefits of confidence in the team:

  1. Confidence allow to the team members to stay focused on the main objectives
  2. Confidence raises the quality of cooperation
  3. Confidence enhance a better communication and a better efficiency


Benefits of teamwork

  1. Each participant presents his knowledge and experience to the team
  2. Be more challenging work and pushes to the discussion and the achievement of the goals
  3. Each work unit is represented in the group and is involved and integrated with the work
  4. Errors are easily eliminated by following new steps within the work practice
  5. Be suggestions and recommendations made by the team members are easy to remember and feasible
  6. By addressing function problems with great ease


Principles in teamwork

  1. Criticize ideas, not people
  2. Focus on access to the best decision not to prove that I am right and others are wrong, the aim is not to win but for the team to win
  3. I encourage everyone to participate and provide them with the ability to participate
  4. I listen to others views even if I disagree with them in opinion; if others idea is not clear to me, I ask them for clarification then echo what I understood from their thoughts until I make sure that I have understood their point of view properly
  5. I Gatherer in my mind the views of all members and try to choose a wiser view without bias and without being a prisoner of my own ideas
  6. I Try to understand the views of all parties
  7. Gladly Change my mind and opinions (with an open-mind) If I find that I am wrong.


Value and advantages of teamwork

  1. Competition is directed towards cooperation
  2. Help everyone to be involved in the work
  3. Decisions are taken collectively.
  4. Accelerates the implementation of the decisions taken
  5. Helps to access into innovative ideas
  6. Expands members horizons and develop their skills
  7. Provides better coordination of work, responsibilities allocation and delegation of authority
  8. Meets the need to belong to a group


Building effective and cohesive team requires the following

1-  All members Involvement and the achievement of the partnership spirit.
2- Achieve the members' commitment to the objectives set and make every member knows why he was chosen to do the job
3- Maintain the unity of the team and the cooperation and collaboration of its members
4- Consult members in decisions related to the team
5- Deal with problems that arise quickly and seriously
6- Create the right atmosphere to work and ensure the interests and comfort of the team members are evaluated.
7- Ensure the interests of the institution and achieve its goals and objectives are met.



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